The Boulder Bubble

Boulder locals often joke about “making it out of the bubble” when they venture outside the wonderful and unique world that Boulder is.  But what exactly makes it so special?

Whether it’s the world class trails, the Flatirons, the wonderful food, a passionate biking, running, climbing and yoga culture, incredible community spirit, spectacular music, inspiring art or CU Boulder, there truly is something for everybody in this wonderful place we affectionately call The Boulder Bubble. 

Listed above are just a handful of the many great reasons myself and others get "stuck" in The Bubble, and the reality is, there's no place I'd rather be "stuck”.  The Boulder Bubble brand was created as a celebration of the many incredible things Boulder has to offer.  

I feel lucky to have called The Bubble home since 1998. Whether  The Bubble is your home, or you're just visiting, you don't have to look far to experience the magic of this truly special place.  Here's to living life to the fullest in The Boulder Bubble!